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An Appeal For Peace

Development and Peace deplore the horrific, violent attacks by Hamas and the killing and kidnapping of innocent people in Israel and join Pope Francis in asking "that the hostages be released immediately." Development and Peace join the multitude of voices of conscience, including those of the Patriarchs of Jerusalem, local partners, and the Secretary General of the United Nations in calling on Israel to immediately establish a safe corridor for delivering humanitarian aid and essential supplies to Gaza. 

To continue prayerful contemplation, you are invited to join a national multilingual Rosary for Peace in the Holy Land at 7:30 PM ET on Wednesday, October 25, 2023. 

Donations are also being accepted to help the people of Palestine.

Thank you for your generosity, solidarity, compassion and prayers. 


Development & Peace Create Hope: Stand for the Land

Development and Peace – Caritas Canada’s Create Hope Campaign is inspired by Pope Francis’ October 2021 address to the World Meeting of Popular Movements. This Create Hope Campaign will last for five years. To create hope in this first year, they will Stand for the Land in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are defending their territories in the Global South by protecting their lands and waters, the environment, and human life.

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