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Horizons of Hope:
A Toolkit for Catholic Parishes on Palliative Care

Do you have questions about how our Catholic faith helps us to navigate end-of-life care? Developed by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, this four-part program is designed to support you as you ask difficult questions about the human experience of death and dying.

Module 4: May 9

Supporting and integrating inside the wider community

Day of Prayer: May 10, 8AM-8PM

Day of Prayer

May 10, 8AM-8PM | St. John the Divine

To cap off our four-week series, we will have 12 hours of prayer for palliative care. 

An annual initiative of the Catholic Women's League as a response to your reflections from the past month, we invite you to select an hour between 8AM and 8PM on Wednesday, May 10 to pray for increased access to and funding for Palliative Care. 

St. John the Divine Church will be open for prayer at 8AM and Mass will be offered as always at 9:30AM, followed by the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament until 8PM. 

Please send us an email indicating the hour you have chosen at: 

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