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Green Forest

Environment Committee

Springbank Care for Our Common Home

Supporting various initiatives related to caring for creation by helping the poor and protecting our environment.

Items to Donate

These recycling initiatives arose from the former St. John the Divine Missions and Social Justice Committee, in collaboration with the St. John the Divine Environmental Committee. 

To participate in this great initiative, you can donate certain recycling items to the recycling areas at either St. George (wooden box inside the main entrance) or St. John the Divine (Rubbermaid bin inside north-east entrance).


A prayer for the environment

Video Resources

Click here for some videos to learn more about the environment and what you can do to help.

Spring Activity Book

Want a chance to learn about the environment AND win a prize? Check out this Spring's activity pack!

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Want to learn more? Click here for a list of resources!

Items to Donate

Items to Donate


Bags, Containers, Egg Cartons:

Eye Glasses

F.O.G. Cups

Mason Jars

Milk Bags


Environmental service provided to keep batteries out of our landfill. Used batteries contain toxic chemicals and if disposed in our landfills they impact our environment. Drop offs may be made at the Springbank Family recycle areas for disposal to a city EnviroDepot, or you may drop them off at any of the identified 9,000 drop off locations Canada wide.

We take clean plastic containers with lids (i.e. margarine, yogurt, small containers such as cream cheese, humus, sour cream, icing containers, etc.) Food items are portioned out from bulk containers and/or prepared using these containers. We also take 12-egg cartons in good condition and bags such as plastic or reusable bags (i.e. charitable donation bags, bags sold for groceries, etc.), which are used to pack groceries for the poor who visit St. Paul Social Services. These items support St. Paul Social Services, an outreach group at St. Paul's Cathedral downtown London, ON.

Glasses are sorted, cleaned, and sized. Many glasses are needed to support the global missions to developing countries such as Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, etc.

Fat, Oil, and Grease (F.O.G.) Cups are are provided by the city of London for parishioners to pick up. These cups support our London sewer system by properly disposing of fats, oils, and grease. When the cups are full, drop them off at an EnviroDepot for energy burning or throw them in the garbage. In 2015, the city of London set out to resolve the issue of fatbergs causing damage and problems in London's sewer system. 

Mason jars (small, medium, or large), with or without lids or rings, are made of tempered glass to withstand the cooking process. While a multipurpose item, this collection provides jars to those who make preserves for our bazaars to help reduce their production costs. Due to the rising cost of the jars, this initiative can support our suppliers with their product costs, particularly for church bazaars. 

Clean, flattened, plastic milk bags are put to good use by the Rotary Club of London for transporting and packaging supplies that are being sent to developing countries. The bags are crocheted into mats that are put into good use once unpacked. 

Since 1992, monies collected from the sale of stamps has supported the Development and Peace initiatives of the Global South. Their goal is to increase the quality of life and human dignity for the world's poorest. To learn more about donating your used stamps, click here


God our Creator, bless the work of our group to protect the Earth.

Be with us as we plan ways for our parish to be good stewards of creation.

May our faith community be a light for those around us, modeling a deep commitment to the wellbeing of the Earth. Please shower your grace on all of our activities. Keep us committed, motivated, and hopeful as we carry on this important ministry.

Thank you for being with us every step of the way.

This we pray through Christ, our Lord.



Video Resources


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