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In July 2021, the parishes of St. George and St. John the Divine came together in what is now known as the Springbank Catholic Family of Parishes. While canonically independent, we recognize that as we work and minister together, our opportunities for mission are multiplied.

Washed in Baptism, anointed in Confirmation, and strengthened at the Eucharist, we celebrate our identity as God’s holy and beloved children, and through the gifts of the Spirit, we seek to make the person of Jesus known in our community.

As a Roman Catholic community in the Diocese of London, we work in harmony with Bishop Ronald Fabbro CSB, his auxiliary, Bishop Joseph Dabrowski CSMA, and with other men and women who exercise leadership in our local church.

While located in the southwest area of the City of London, we welcome everyone to join us. Whether you join us for a brief visit or decide to make your home with us, we look forward to gathering with you.


We hope that our website provides you with a brief introduction to who we are and who we strive to be. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at for assistance.

Covid Protocol

COVID-19 Protocol

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