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St. George Parish
Discipleship Award

To recognize and award outstanding Catholic students who have demonstrated discipleship within the St. George parish community and have carried this discipleship into the community at large.

Application Deadline: June 10, 2023

1. The applicant is in their final year of high school and will be graduating this June 2023.
2. The applicant's post-secondary plans must include one or more of the following: apprenticeship, college, or university. 
3. The applicant attends Mass regularly at St. George Parish. 
4. The applicant demonstrates their discipleship in their parish, school, and community through leadership, service to others, and Christian role modelling.
5. The applicant must complete and submit this form along with three letters of reference (as outlined below) by June 10, 2023. 

*For questions or concerns, email Alexandria Fung at


Contact Information


Please attach three letters of reference in support of your application. Letters must include: 
1. One letter from a teacher, pastor, principal, chaplaincy leader, or guidance counsellor at your school. 
2. One letter from a parishioner or volunteer at St. George Parish who is familiar with your parish involvement. 
3. One letter of reference from a community organization that you volunteer with. If this does not apply, an additional letter from your school or parish may be submitted.

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Thank you for your application. Please email Alexandria at for any inquiries!

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