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LIT Registration 2024

Application / Registration

Position: LIT (Leader-in-Training)

Age: Grade 7-8 in Fall 2024 (11-13 years old)

Program Fee: $25 (*paid upon acceptance to LIT program)

Location: St. George Parish (1164 Commissioners Rd. W., London, ON)


- August 12-16 ( 5 day week)

Time: 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM 

General Staff Expectations: 

  1. Be available: Staff must be available for a staff training day on either August 5, 7 or 8, from 9 AM to 4 PM. Staff must also commit to being available and punctual from Monday to Friday the week of camp. The week of camp, August 12 to 16, days will begin at 8:30 AM sharp and end at 4:30 PM. On Friday, the day will end at 5 PM. 

  2. Be committed to the Gospel: Staff must commit to providing a Christ-centered fun-filled experience for the campers. Staff must be great disciples and examples of Christ, demonstrating good integrity and character in both their words and actions as they interact with other staff, campers, and parents. 

  3. Be flexible: While the day's schedule is set out, the nature of camp is that things are always changing and do not always go according to plan! Staff must be flexible and be prepared to make quick adjustments each day. 

  4. Be a good team player: As an LIT, you will be assigned to work with a Sr. Counselor for your week of work. You will work with your Sr. Counselor to lead your group of campers and ensure that they have a great experience.

  5. Adhere to all Called, Gifted and Sent  and Camp Policies: Staff training will cover Called, Gifted and Sent and other camp policies which each staff member will adhere to during their employment at Springbank Catholic Camp. 

  6. Dress Code: Staff will wear their camp shirt Monday through Friday of the week of camp that they are working.

LIT Responsibilities: Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Helping to lead a group of six to eight campers through each day of camp

  • Assisting camp coordinators in the set-up and tear-down of games and activities

  • Assisting in the before and after care program

  • Helping to lead group games, activities, crafts, etc. 

  • Helping to lead small group during ministry time 


Springbank Catholic Family of Parishes
LIT Application / Registration 2024

Personal Information

T-Shirt Size
Week of camp
Day of Training

Parent/Guardian Information

* The Parent/Guardian will also act as the Emergency Contact.

Payment Information

How many weeks of camp?

Payment Options

*Payment must be submitted by 7 business days after registration in order to guarantee your camper's spot(s). Please indicate which payment method you wish to use.

Acknowledgements and Waiver

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*Please download and complete the waiver form by clicking on the "PDF" button to the left of this text. Children who do not have waivers will not be able to participate in camp. Waivers must be filled out by the camper's legal parent/guardian. Once you have completed the form, save it on your computer.


*Please upload your completed waiver by clicking on the "Upload Waiver" button to the left of this text. Waivers must be filled out by the camper's legal parent/guardian.

Additional Questions for LIT Candidates


Your reference cannot be related to you. Examples of references could include a teacher, coach, pastor, etc. 





Acknowledgement for LIT Applicant


Acknowledgement for legal parent / guardian of LIT Applicant


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