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Springbank Catholic Synod

In 2022, the Catholic Church entered into a synodal process. This process is designed to encourage parishioners to share their real-life experiences in the church; it asks about people's hopes and dreams, and where there are struggles and difficulties. 

In 2023, Springbank Catholic embarked on our own synodal journey where we sought to consider how we could best further the Kingdom of God using the resources with which we have been blessed. 

Out of this, we developed our new five-year Parish Pastoral Plan. This plan is a direct summary of everything we heard within our five Synodal sessions, and begins with our Mission Statement. 

Springbank Catholic Family aspires to be a welcoming and grace-filled community, seeking through our words and actions, to be the presence of Christ in the World. 

Rooted in God's love, we will inspire hope by celebrating and living our faith;

We will empower all people of all ages by engaging their diverse gifts and talents;

We will continue to build our Family through service and outreach; 

We will be faithful stewards of the resources which God has entrusted to our care.

For more information about our past Synod sessions, see below.

Springbank Catholic Synod Topics

Who are we as God's People?

Rooted in scripture and conciliar documents, this session will help us to reflect on who we are as members of Christ's body, incorporated into the Church through Baptism. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

St. George
1164 Commissioners Rd. W
London, ON

What is a synod?

The word "synod" originates from the Greek word for "assembly." While the earliest synods find their origin in the second century, bishops and others have gathered in synod countless times over the last two millennia. A synod is more than a meeting. It is an opportunity for us to gather to reflect on God's Word and listen to how the Spirit is inviting us to embody the gospel in this particular place and time.   

Trusting that the Spirit has been poured into our hearts through baptism, everyone's presence and contributions are necessary in this process.

We strongly encourage people come to all five sessions, as they will build upon one another.

This page will host updates on our process and our journey together.

May God grant the increase.

2022 Synodal Reports





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